We work with organizations to design and manage workplace health programs and processes in a way that ensures improved and sustained health and wellbeing of employees and their dependents.  At STRIPES our goal is to improve employee motivation and output through effective, smart and cost-efficient health services management. We offer a full range of health management services as a comprehensive portfolio or as customized combos depending on your requirements.

We offer a range of health services including but not limited to

  • Occupational Health Services
  • Corporate Medical Advisory Services
  • Health and Medical Benefits Consulting
  • Health Facility Audits
  • Medical Emergency Response -Planning and Deployment
  • Training
  • Onsite Medical Services

Occupational Health



Occupational Health Policy Formulation/ Program Design and Implementation

STRIPES will help you to draft, implement and monitor compliance with all your occupational Health-related programs and policies such as a:

  • Pre-employment, Fitness for Duty and Periodic Medical Assessment Program
  • Substance Abuse program
  • Health Surveillance
  • Fatigue Management
  • Sickness absence management


Health Promotion and Wellness Services

Our Workplace wellness programs seek to help employees make healthy choices; offering guidance in areas such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management and education in the management of chronic diseases. We achieve this through regular and interactive engagement with employees on topical and/or trending health issues. We are able to customize your Workplace Health and Well Being program to suit your Organization’s unique circumstances.


Health Risk Assessments

Stripes is able to Conduct a comprehensive Workplace Health Risk Assessment for new and existing frontiers.  Our experts have decades of experience in hazard identification and workplace exposure assessments including noise mapping, vapor, and dust sampling etc. We will make clear recommendations about eliminating the identified hazards or mitigating the risk from exposure, in keeping with best practice.


Workplace Ergonomics Consulting

 We offer comprehensive Ergonomics Consulting services at your worksite ranging from simple Work Station Assessments to more complex Injury Prevention Training and everything in between.



Corporate Medical Advisory



STRIPES will act in the capacity of a medical representative in all communications between your organization and medical service providers.



We will help you to efficiently contain medical costs by taking a stepwise approach to the HMO selection and management process/ Oversight. We will work with you to:

  • Determine your organization’s specific health care needs.
  • Recommend an Employee Health Benefits plan or review your existing one taking into account your corporate philosophy, regulatory requirements, and of course, your budget.
  • Negotiate affordable rates
  • Manage service utilization including active case monitoring by your Health Service Provider if required.


This service gives your employees and their dependents easy access to medical facilities on the network of the HMOs; meaning a win-win for the employee and the Organization.


Health Facility Audits


We carry out audits of Health Facilities on behalf of our clients. Using standardized audit tools, we are able to methodologically assess the quality of the entire spectrum of Health Care services on offer by the Provider and put forward a comprehensive audit report based on our findings which will include recommended improvement actions.


Medical Emergency Response - Planning & Deployment


STRIPES supports organizations in designing customized plans to ensure medical emergencies are handled in a structured and controlled manner thereby by limiting their potentially negative impact. We will work with you to outline a Medical Emergency Response plan (MERP) or review and update your existing one. We conduct periodic emergency drills to monitor compliance and the efficacy of your MERP.



Health Facility Audits


We deliver high-quality First Aid, CPR and Basic Life Support Training in corporate settings. Our instructors are certified by the American Heart Association and will keep your employees engaged ensuring that they extract the most value from the sessions.



On-site Medical Services

On-site Medical Services

Medical Staffing

STRIPES has a team of well trained & professional medics. With a STRIPES medic on site, you can be at ease knowing that a highly trained and dedicated professional is on hand to tackle your day to day health needs as well as any emergencies.


Clinic Setup

We will assist you to set up a standard, fully functional on-site clinic. We are able to tailor your clinic requirements to your budget and come up with innovative solutions for managing day to day clinic operations. From inventory management to medical record management and equipment maintenance, we've got you covered.


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